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CSR Media Campaign

1. CSR Media Campaign

Develop an advertising/public service/media campaign for the CSR initiatives for Home depot .


• Provide a synopsis of the company and the CSR initiatives upon which you intend to focus during this media campaign.


• Describe the objective of the ads. What is the message that you are trying to convey?

Media and Audience

• Describe the media you would you use for each CSR initiative in the campaign. Describe the target audience for each CSR initiative in the campaign.


• Describe the strategies for implementing the campaign.


• Summarize the importance of communicating CSR initiatives to stakeholders.


Cite at least two resources.

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Home Depot is a chain of stores that focuses upon the marketing and sales of home improvement products and services, and is presently the largest retailer of its kind in the world. This organization is located throughout all of the states within the United States of America, as well as within foreign countries such as Canada and Mexico, which makes this organization a multinational organization/retailer as well. The media campaign for the corporate social responsibility initiatives of this organization will be focused on very important initiatives such as improving the economic condition of communities surrounding Home Depot retail stores. This is a very important initiative due to the fact that for any organization to be truly successful within its industry, it has to bring improvement into the areas in which it carries out its business operations, which will give consumers and potential consumers a very favorable impression of that organization. The major initiative that will be focused upon in this respect will be providing jobs for as many individuals within the communities in the immediate areas of Home Depot stores as possible, which is a means of improving the economic stability of those communities as well. This initiative will be focused upon due to the fact that it is quite clear that employment is a major concern for many individuals within this nation and around the world, and providing employment opportunities is one of the most efficient and effective means by which to boost the economies of the communities surrounding Home Depot stores and other operational facilities. Another corporate responsibility initiative will be focused upon in this media campaign, will be seeking to maintain and/or improve the condition of the ...