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    CSR Business Plan

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    Implementing a CSR business plan takes the full commitment of the entire senior leadership team and must be considered to be a major corporate culture change effort when CSR is totally new to the organization. All stakeholders--both internal and external--need to understand the organization's CSR goals, how those goals will affect them as stakeholders, and be given clear policy direction so that they can effectively develop and implement actions to measure and achieve those goals.

    Assume that you are the CEO of a hypothetical organization that is just embarking on a journey to become a better corporate citizen. Tell a story about implementing CSR in your hypothetical organization. Identify whether it is for-profit, an NGO or governmental.Give the organization a name and describe the industry or operating environment and identify the potential challenges to implementing a CSR plan. What are the CSR strategies that your organization wishes to implement?
    Develop a description of a CSR Business Plan and show what the impact of that plan will be on the organization for both the short and medium term. As part of that business plan, show how CSR can be viewed as an opportunity for innovation and not just a burdensome cost.

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    The organization is a for-profit firm and plastics manufacturer called Harmony Plastics, that manufactures plastic goods and components in various manufacturing units across the globe.

    The potential challenges of implementing the CSR plan in the organization include:

    1) Bringing a change in the organizational culture to create awareness and commitment among employees towards CSR initiatives.

    2) Reengineering manufacturing processes and systems to support CSR initiatives pertaining to environmental protection.

    CSR Strategies that my organization wish to implement:

    1) Educate employees in the organization about the importance and benefits of CSR initiatives and secure their commitment towards implementing a CSR culture and strategic plan in the organization via extensive training and awareness programs in the organization.

    2) Dedicate resources in several CSR areas ...

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    Develop a description of a and show what the impact of that plan will be on the organization for both the short and medium term