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    Ethics Considerations in a Strategic Plan

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    - Explain the role of ethics and social responsibility in developing a strategic plan, considering stakeholder needs.
    - Explain how your ethical perspective has evolved through your career

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    Ethics and corporate social responsibility has occupied a very important place in today's corporate and business world and is considered a major strategic issue in today's organizations. Today's organizations consider ethics and social responsibility as one of the critical success factors for the success of the organization and incorporate ethics and social responsibility as an inherent component of the strategic plan.

    Ethics ensures that organization achieves its strategic goals, vision, mission and objectives in the right manner and provides a sense of direction and framework to the organizational managers and employees to progress ahead on the strategic path in the correct manner. Ethical guidelines binds the entire organization into one common thread and governs the action of the organizational employees and avoid deviation from the desired strategic path.

    Ethics ensures that strategic plan is prepared as per the best interest of all the stakeholders of the organization, be it organizational employees, vendors, customers or even the society in which the organization operates. As we know that today's organizations are under a great deal of scrutiny in terms of their corporate governance and ethics from regulatory authorities, government and public, it has become imperative for organizations to adhere to highest possible ethical standards by deeply integrating ethics into the strategic plan in order to maintain a good ...

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    The solution first looks at the importance of ethics in the workplace before going on to look at corporate social responsibility through a strategic lens and ending with reflections on their personal perspective of ethics and how it fits into a strategic organization plan. 832 words with references.