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    HRM Planning: Proposal to Justify Ethical and Diversity Considerations

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    Task: Choose one or two ethical considerations and one or two diversity considerations affecting your division. Write a proposal for your HR director. Provide details about what the considerations are. Justify why they were important for your strategic HRM planning process. Provide recommendations for addressing these considerations. Suggest specific recommendations for best practices for dealing with each consideration. Provide a rationale.

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    There are some ethical and diversity considerations which have emerged in the HRM department. These are important for the strategic HRM planning process and these need to be addressed effectively. I have suggested some recommendations for best practices for dealing with these considerations.

    The first ethical consideration is the proposal for relocation of Plant C and the second ethical consideration is the HR practice of pre-determining the criteria that will be used for performance evaluation. Both these considerations are important for the HRM planning process because they affect the morale and motivation of employees. Relocation of Plant C will render about 300 persons unemployed in the area leading hardship to many people. I strongly recommend that the relocation should be avoided as the employees and the plant is productive and it supports the current strategic plan. The second ethics issue is that one standard set of criteria places some employees at a ...