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Overview of Hiring Criteria When Selecting Candidates

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Human labor is one of the biggest resources a thriving company needs to invest in for future growth and sustainability. As the goal of most organizations is to maximize profits, it behooves organizational leaders to ensure that all the resources of the organization are operating to maximize the organizations potential. This includes formulating strategies that when implemented, bear a positive influence on the company's profits and general well-being. This paper provides an overview of the general factors that positively influence crucial hiring decisions.

Provide an overview of human resource planning and factors considered when hiring new applicants for a position.

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Human Resource Planning (hereafter "HRP") is one of the first goals of the human resources management (hereafter, "HRM") team, as it aims to formulate a way to seek and retain the best personnel to fit current and future vacancies in the organization. In determining the best strategy to employ, the HR team needs to consider the overall goal and vision of the organization and its business culture (Bowen, Ledford, & Nathan, 1991).

This will determine who, how many and of what skill caliber will be required to contribute to the achievement of the company's goals and vision (Kleiman, 2011). Besides considering the goal of the company, employers must recognize the needs of the potential hires in order to create a work environment that will encourage retention of these employees.
Some of these needs are:
• Family oriented (leave days, maternity leave, child care)
• Career oriented (development of skills) (Kleiman, 2011)
In determining this, the leader can use HRM planning to attract and also retain suitable candidates in a win-win situation.

To find the best strategy to employ, planning involves considering several aspects. This is because every potential employee comes from a different cultural and career background; they also have different career and family visions. ...

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The solution provides an overview of human resource planning and factors considered when hiring new applicants for a position.

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