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Best evaluative approach for the employment selection process

Consider the best evaluative approach to be used for the employment selection process. Consider interviewing techniques, tests and other selection processes and techniques that can be used to determine the best candidate. Identify how to develop the selection criteria and then how to ensure that the candidate meets the standard of those criteria.

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Employers must determine if the employee is an organizational fit with the company. Resumes and applications are no longer the only criteria for employment. Employers must work towards preventing a high turnaround and work towards a cost effective methods of recruiting and retaining employees. Employees should be hired based on the following criteria:

? Interpersonal skills
? Effective communication
? Personality traits
? Knowledge and skill sets
? Potential for leadership

Consequently, the aforementioned traits cannot be identified on resumes and applications for the reason that those documents can be falsified or fabricated if the prospect is an unworthy applicant. One of the most effective methods of screening applicants may include incorporating background checks on prospective candidates. A background check would show employers if the candidate is responsible and whether or not they have been convicted of a felony and if so, what type of felony they were charged with. Although, the law prohibits an employer from not hiring someone based on prior convictions, a background check assists employers in the decision making process. Employers also use background checks as a means to determine future employment based on the applicants previous credit history. Most employers would not hire an applicant with a poor ...

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The best evaluative approach for the employment selection process is examined.