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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Limitations and Criticisms

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Find 3 Academic articles about CSR and 2 of them MUST be about Limitation and Criticism of CSR.
a. Provide of summary for each article (APA style)
b. Examples / Methods of two or three different companies about Company A, Company B, Company C
c.Feedback of CSR
d. Conclusion

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I began some feedback thoughts. Tell me what you think and where you want it to go. Add your own thoughts about the subject and see how it works.

I found three completely different articles for this assignment, though you can still use the other ones as part of the assignment. I also rewrote some of the company information. You can use the already established writing to fill out the information in these areas.

1. Ronnegard, D. (2010) Corporate Social Responsibility andThe United Arab Emirates. Sustainable Development Group International. Retrieved from:

The Gulf States of the Middle East are being led in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the UAE. Other countries are not embracing this trend, but CSR has slowly started to "familiarize itself with the concept of CSR and engage in activities under the CRS banner." MNC's from the West are already familiar with CSR, but it is the local organizations making gains in their corporate practices. Because the MNC's adapt to the local conditions and the acceptability, they are often less active than in other areas the organizations are found. Local companies however, are moving into philanthropy and emiratization, with environmental concern and employee health and safety gaining attention.

The main efforts for philanthropy tend to be focused on bringing Emirate nationals into the workforce. The corporate philanthropy also includes donations to charitable organizations and needy individuals, mostly humanitarian. Generally, these are focused on hospitals and disadvantaged children. Donations to emiratization are used to sponsor job-training programs, helping to connect skill development to the needs of the corporation. The government push to offer job opportunities to emirates is part of this effort by organizations to support the initiative.

Emirate organizations that support environmental concerns but often are not the problems most see as UAE problems, the large carbon footprint created by the oil industry and the demand for electricity because of air conditioners, water desalination plants, and aluminum smelting efforts. Companies such as Dubai Aluminum Company Limited and Marriot Hotels are working to reduce environmental concerns. These are far less important to the UAE companies, in part because it is not part of the Islamic values and religious values the country follows. For companies and citizens, the teachings of the Quran are the principles followed and environmental concerns are not part of those teachings, except in minor ways. Therefore, people issues and charities gain far more ...

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The corporate social responsibility of a company is examined. The limitations and criticisms are provided.