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    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

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    Can you help me out , I need more substance on DEFINING THE CONCEPTS OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILTY. Can you give me 1 page to add to my paper. Having writers block. !

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    The notion of corporate social responsibility (CSR) came from the foundation of philanthropy or industrial paternalism founded in the religious beliefs of the leaders in 1800s. In 1920s, CSR became related to stewardship and trusteeship wherein owners of properties are have the duty to use and administer their properties not only for their own personal good but also for the society.
    It was in 1950s and 1960s that social responsibility transformed from becoming a practice into a theory. Bowen has been regarded as the founder of "modern corporate social responsibility" after he has published his book on the Social Responsibilities of Business Man. CSR was first defined as the ...

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    The concepts and definitions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it evolved over the decades are examined.
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