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    CSR and Competitive Advantage

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    Is there a correlation between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and competitive advantage? Explain. Porter and Kramer's article "Strategy and Society: The Link Between Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibility" takes the position that CSR is counterproductive because it pits company against society. They propose a new CSR that treats social responsibilities as a profitable opportunity instead of damage control. Do you agree or disagree with their conclusion?

    Porter, M. E., & Kramer, M. R. (2006, December). Strategy & society: The link between competitive advantage and corporate social responsibility, Harvard Business Review, 84(12), 78-92.

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    In my opinion, I do not agree that CSR initiatives pit the company against society. CSR initiatives are designed to enable the company to help, in one of many different ways. Some companies base their CSR initiatives on the environment or in some other area. CSR initiatives are put into place to help society. The company needs society as a whole for the successful implementation of the CSR ...

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    This solution discusses if a correlation between corporate social responsibility and a competitive advantage exists.