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    Business and Society Responsibility

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    2. Why should Nike be held responsible for what happens in factories that it does not own? Does Nike have a responsibility to ensure that factory workers receive a "living wage"? Do the wage guidelines of FLA or WRC seem most appropriate to you? Why?

    3. Is it ethical for Nike to pay endorsers millions while its factory employees receive a few dollars a day?

    4. Is Nike's responsibility to monitor its subcontracted factories a legal, economic, social, or philanthropic responsibility? What was it 10 years ago? What will it be 10 years from now?

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    2. Organizations take inputs from the society in order to operate, sustain and achieve success in the market. Therefore it becomes their primary duty to show their give back and responsible behavior towards the environment, society and community where they operate.

    Nike has its responsibilities towards it stakeholders, society and environment. Factory people are not directly related but they are indirectly connected with company. Nike doesn't own these factories but these factories and their people are working for Nike and contributing in the worldwide success of Nike by providing their strong support in various forms. They help company in achieving cost advantage, economy of scale and competitive advantage in the market over its competitors. They help Nike to develop and achieve success in the market by providing quality and skilled work. Therefore I would say that It is the responsibility of Nike to take care of these workers and make them part of its success in terms of wages, benefits, growth and development.

    Yes Nike does have responsibility to ensure that factory workers receive a 'living wage as these workers are working for Nike and pillars of the company. They contribute in Nike's success and failures, hence it becomes the important responsibility of Nike to ensure that they get sufficient wages to lead a normal life and ...

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    Business and social responsibility is examined. Whether it is ethical for Nike to pay endorsers millions while its factory employees received a few dollars a day is determined.