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Media Mix: Egg Mc Muffin

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You decide to use past experience with for-profit organizations at this point. Review the media mix used by an organization you are familiar with for a recent campaign. What benchmarking techniques were used to monitor the campaign's success?

Describe the techniques(s) and what changes (if any) were made during the campaign.

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//Before writing about the various benchmarking techniques used by McDonalds, it is essential to have knowledge about the 'Media Mix' used by the Company for the Egg Mc Muffin. One should know about the various tools of media mix used by the firm, in order to define the benchmarking techniques, effectively.//

Media Mix: Egg Mc Muffin

Most of the organizations use marketing mix to run their promotional campaigns. Various types of media are used in promoting the products or services. There is a large variety of media, which can be used by marketers to promote their products. Some of the reasons to use media mix are increasing competition, increased number of information sources for consumers, decline in effectiveness of mass advertising and technological advance. A systematic planning is required for promoting product or company by using media mix (Hill, O'Sullivan & Hill, 2003). I have selected ...

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