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    Demographic, economic, and socio-cultural trends and changes

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    Strategic Management
    1. Demographic, economic, and socio-cultural trends and changes. Explain how each organization has interpreted these trends and changes in its choice of strategy?
    2. Is their strategy affected by the amount of advertising they do on television and the internet?
    Research both organizations and explain why you think it is currently positioned better and explain why?
    1. What strategy would you recommend for the organization you chose based on recent trends and changes?
    2. How can these strategies improve that organization's image as a "corporate citizen" within the community?
    Question Aldi Amazon
    Better Positioned
    Recommended Stratgey for the better positioned
    Recommended "Corporate Citizen" action for the better positioned

    A Table format requirement on how to tackle the DB
    Questions Aldi Amazon
    Better positioned
    Recommended Strategy for only the better positioned company (this is a required 3 step format )
    Recommended 'corporate citizen' action for the better positioned
    NB: for both DB and IP
    Every time you are asked for a strategic recommendation, a 3 step formula is followed:
    1. Recommendation for implementation
    2. Recommendation's ramifications: Positive and negative
    3. feedback measures so that you will know whether the recommendation you implemented was sound - surveys

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    // There are various demographic, economic, socio- cultural trends and changes that affect the functioning of each and every organization. ALDI and Amazon are two well known companies of retail sector that are highly affected by all these factors in terms of strategic planning. Under this section, the way each organization has understood these trends and changes while making choice of strategy will be discussed in detail. //

    Factors affecting choice of strategy

    Demographic factors, such as location, customers, competitors, etc. affect the strategic planning of an organization in various ways. ALDI is one of the fastest growing retailers in the country. The Company has been able to achieve this enormous success due to its 270 stores spread in almost every part of Australia to satisfy each and every customer up to a maximum level. Not only the demographic but various economic and socio cultural factors have also affected the production and sales of ALDI. This is the reason company has to frame new strategies in contrast with changing economic, as well as, socio-cultural environment conditions (Smith, 2009). The Company has to plan its strategies for production according to the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 757 words with references.