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Acquisition Response & Behavior and Board Characteristics - Article Response

Please give me some ideas on the article below, paying particular attention to the methodology described, if there's any gap and also the key findings that may occur.

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In general I disagree with the authors opening sentence in the paper's abstract which is "Literature on acquisition places more concern on the consequence of an acquisition event and pays less attention to what factors influence the motive for initiating the acquisition strategy of a firm" (Peng & Fang, 2010, p. 502). Based on my readings, regardless of how limited they are, I know that a majority of scholarly written articles on acquisition discuss the driving forces beyond why management acquires companies in spite of the fact that the success rate of mergers and acquisitions (M&As) is dismal at best. Most of the articles I've read talk about why M&As fail and this discussion ultimately touches on what ...

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The solution discusses the acquisition response and behavior and board characteristics.