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    Juvenile Court System in Texas

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    ? I need a summary describing the characteristics of the Juvenile Court system in Texas. Include information on the following topics:

    o Types of courts
    o General characteristics of the courts
    o Jurisdiction of the court
    o Court alternatives

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    Interesting question! Let's take a closer look at the Texas Juvenile Legal System. I also attached one highly informative article outlining all aspects of the Juvenile Legal system in Texas.


    The juvenile justice system in Texas could not function without the local-level component
    that consists of numerous entities. Each of these entities plays a critical role in the operation of the juvenile system including:
    ? the juvenile boards,
    ? juvenile court judges,
    ? juvenile probation departments,
    ? commissioner's court,
    ? juvenile prosecutors,
    ? justice and municipal court judges,
    ? law enforcement, and
    ? volunteers

    Juvenile courts

    A. Juvenile Court

    The juvenile court is governed by the juvenile board in the county. Who the juvenile court judge or judges will be in any county is totally up to the discretion of the juvenile board in that county. Pursuant to the Texas Family Code Annotated Section 51.04 (b) (Vernon 1996), the local juvenile board designates the judges that will sit as the juvenile court judges. The juvenile court may be:

    ? the district court,
    ? criminal district court, ...

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    Summarizes the characteristics of the Juvenile Court system in Texas including the topics such as the types of courts, general characteristics of the courts, jurisdiction of the court and court alternatives. Supplemented with additional information about the juvenile court system in Texas