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    Sentencing for Juveniles: Jackson, 17 years old

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    Jackson is a 17-year-old boy who has stolen a car. Jackson assaulted the driver to take possession of the car. Jackson has been in trouble with the law and is currently on probation. Jackson was detained by police and taken to a juvenile hall where he is awaiting his court date to see what will happen to him because of this crime. Jackson does not believe he will be treated lightly by the judge because this crime was violent and he has broken the law in the past.

    Discuss all the potential treatment options that Jackson may receive by the juvenile justice system. Make sure to take into account that Jackson is not a first-time offender and his recent crime involved an act of violence when you examine which potential treatment options he will likely receive. Also make certain to discuss whether his age plays any role in the potential options Jack may face.

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    Jackson will be either transferred to adult court because of the assault and his previous record or be detained in the juvenile justice system until the age of 25. His prior offenses would allow for transfer to adult court if the prosecutor wishes to do so or if the offense committed mandates automatic transfer, which is the case for some states. Because the defendant is ...

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    The expert examines sentencing for Juveniles. The potential treatment options that Jackson may receive by the juvenile justice system is determined.