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    Attention and Memory - Language Acquisition

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    Research some of the general characteristics of language and the concept of speech acquisition in infants using your textbook, the Internet, and the Argosy University online library resources before responding to these questions:

    Researchers describe language as having six different properties. Describe the six properties. Which two properties do you think are the most important? Explain your answers with reasons.
    Jim and Sue just had a baby, and they are interested in learning more about the process of language acquisition. They have heard about the controversy surrounding the view that speech is special. Do you think speech is special or is it processed like other auditory stimuli? Explain your answer with reasons.
    Several African languages use clicks as consonants. Jim and Sue, who are English speaking, cannot hear the difference between the different types of clicks and have a difficult time learning one of these languages. If they were to move to Africa when their baby is about one-year old, do you think the baby would be able to hear the difference? Why or why not? Do you think she would hear the difference if they moved to Africa after her tenth birthday? Give reasons for your answers.
    Write your initial response in 4-5 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to the citation of sources

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    Language Acquisition

    Six properties :
    1. Productivity- novel utterances are being continually created
    2. Cultural Transmission- process of passing on language from generation to generation
    3. Discreteness- meaningful distinctive sounds
    4. Arbitrariness- no relationship between objects
    5. Displacement- allows the user to talk about events and things in various points in time, past, present or future
    6. Duality- language is organized in two or more levels

    The question on preference of importance of two properties is best answered by you as that is a ...

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