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Language and Cognition: Social and Cultural Factors

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An analysis of the relationship between language and cognition. Explain the importance of understanding this relationship. Briefly explain how social and cultural factors, reflected in language ability, patterns, and/or cognitive processes, might lead to errors in communication. Finally, describe one strategy you might use to reduce such errors.

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- Provide an analysis of the relationship between language and cognition

Cognition is concerned with a vast number of mental processes including thoughts, perceptions, performance, intellectual ability and personality. In describing the relationship between language and cognition, Swanson, Orosco & Lussier (2011) explained the cognitive basis of reading disabilities among Spanish-speaking children who are learning English as a second language (ESL). The purpose of the study was to determine if the cognitive processes that underlie second-language acquisition are the same as those that underlie reading disabilities and English language learners. The study found that both Spanish and English language learners share common phonological problem processing and naming speed as well as general measure of working memory and classroom attention. In addition, children at risk for reading disabilities both bilingual and English language learners share similar cognitive difficulties. Other research is presented to demonstrate the relationship between language and cognition. Studies show that spatial behavior is related to underlying processes in the construction of internal spatial processes and spatial categories that drive individual's decisions. For instance, a feature of spatial cognition is the role of human language in determining mental spatial representations. Thus, language provides a symbolic system by which individuals construct and organize space (Hendriks, Hickmann, & Lindner, 2010). According to Hendricks et al. (2010), the universe is defined by static and dynamic space. Thus expressions are varied across languages in spatial terms such as in, ...

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The social and cultural factors are examines for language and cognition.