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    What is Applied Behavioral Science?

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    Review the video, Sam Harris: Science Can Answer Moral Questions :

    1) Describe your understanding of the field of Applied Behavioral Science including an overview of the generalist perspective of practice.

    2) Discuss the types of career directions that an individual may follow and which are of most interest to you personally and why, including any applicable personal example.

    3) How does this fit with your understanding of the term "science"?

    4) How are "science" and "behavioral science" the same and how might they seem different?

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    (1) Applied Behavioral Science places emphasis on using behavioral research to assist in solving community and organizational problems to simplify change 'to the exclusion of analyzing the moral, ethical or public service implications of organization change' (Luke, 1992).

    In the video, Sam Harris discusses his opinion regarding morality. Mr. Harris says, 'When talking about morality we value difference of opinion in a way that we don't in any other area of our lives'. He discusses various people and how their values and morals are different. He goes on to say, 'It is possible for individuals, and even for whole cultures, to care about the wrong things, which is ...

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    There are many different careers that one can choose in the field of Applied Behavioral Science, such as law enforcement, addiction counseling, and human resource management. What exactly is applied behavioral science? These scientists use research to help fix problems in the community and in organizations. This solution is 349 words and includes an additional reference.