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Setting Ones' Goals in the Field of Psychology

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1). My undergraduate major at this time is Applied Behavioral Science. Someday I would like to attend a graduate program majoring and graduating in a master's program with a specialization in becoming certified behavioral analyst. What should be my goals after graduating from master's program? Or what should I plan on doing to obtain the certification?

2).What would be the most intelligent way to answer this question?

What if I wanted to attend a graduate program and I had no experience in the psychology field and the admission to the psychology department ask me this question, what professional experiences in psychology do I bring into your graduate program?

3).In your opinion what professional experiences would most benefit me while in a graduate program majoring in one of the science of psychology graduate programs?

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to once again be assisting you with some notes about the field of psychology. Just to remind you, I am a Sociology and Psychology professor in the state of Arizona.

You ask some great questions about thinking ahead towards a possible graduate degree in psychology. Let me cover these step by step.

You mention that you are earning your Bachelor's degree in Applied Behavioral Science. This degree actually lends itself towards the field of Psychology. Remember that psychology itself is a behavioral science (the very idea of 'behaviorism' is a psychological concept after all). Thus, your current program lends itself well to this. Upon graduating, you have two options: You can either enter directly into a Master's program, or you ...

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