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    Understanding Behavioral Science

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    Please Describe your understanding of the field of Applied Behavioral Science including an overview of the generalist perspective of practice. What types of careers are there and can you do grief work? How does all of this fit in with the term "science" and "behavioral science"

    Please use scholarly references to support your answer as I will be looking up additional information for my paper. Thanks !!

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    Understanding Applied Behavioral Science:

    The behavior that is held by an individual is the general activity that is undertaken by the organism. As the humans interact with the elements in the environment, they utilize their behavior to get in touch with the rest. Applied Behavior Science is the study of the human and the animal behavior in their environment. ..It is a branch of science where there are a lot of aspects that are applied in the understanding of the human behavior that is inclusive of the following; the act of dealing with the power differences that is held by all the individuals (Concentration, 2012).
    The study of the human behavior is undertaken through the observational method where the organism is analyzed from a close proximity and through the experimental where the person is studied by use of a series of structured experiments. The ...

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    The expert describes their understanding of the field of applied behavioral sciences. The type of career in grief work is determined.