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    Steps in Creating a Behavioral Research Project for Students

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    The steps in the scientific research process are briefly stated in the figure below:

    Create a simple behavioral study of possible interest to a fifth-grade student who wants to do a science fair project based on psychology. The student is having trouble understanding how to go about studying a behavior. Use the simple study idea you have thought up and explain the steps in the research process so the student can understand them. Let a friend read what you wrote to see if that person understands the steps.

    Explain in detail the steps in the research process.

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    The first thing I might do is to think of the types of behaviors that a fifth grader is likely to observe. Most elementary school kids have pets. Pets are perfect for a simple classical conditioning experiment or an operant conditioning experiment. You might consider feeding and classical conditioning- pairing it with noise or smell. Or, you might consider shaping the pet's behavior through operant conditioning. Maybe the student has two similar ...

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