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Future for Israel?

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Is there a future for Israel? Are there any Old Testament and New Testament scriptures that support a future for Israel?
In 225-250 words: Read Isaiah 60:1-22 and Amos 9:11-15. Does Isaiah 60:1-22 and Amos 9:11-15 refer to future things, or is there some sense in which these passages are being fulfilled today if so then how? Are there any other Scripture passages that help to explain if this is referring to future things or being fulfilled today?

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This solution will assist the student in examining whether there is a future for Israel throughout the Old Testament and New Testament Biblical Scriptures. The solution specifically looks at Isaiah 60:1-22 and Amos 9:11-15 and whether there is reference to the future or the future being fulfilled today.

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Is there a future for Israel? Are there any OT and NT scriptures that support a future for Israel?

Old Testament
Ezekiel 36:10
The names of David, Messiah's type, and Edom, Israel's foe, are introduced in connection with the coming restoration.

Ezekiel 36:11
Israel shall be more than restored; its last estate shall exceed even its first.

The union of Judah and Israel under King Messiah symbolizes the union of Jews and Gentiles under Him, partly now, perfectly hereafter (Ezekiel 37:24 , John 10:16)

New Testament
Romans 9
One view is that those Israelites who failed, failed because God did not choose to bestow mercy on them.

Romans 10
Paul added that correspondingly Israel rejected God. They refused the salvation offered by the Lord and His apostles.

Romans 11
The salvation of Gentiles will provoke Israelites so that they will eventually turn to God. Israel's failure is neither total (there is a faithful remnant) nor permanent. In God's good time, Israel will be restored to a place of national prominence and blessing.

(Source: Bob Deffinbaugh, Th.M.)

Dispensationalists insist that Romans 9-11 reaffirms the OT covenant promises to Abraham's genetic ...

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