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Organization and product or service analysis

Prepare an outline meeting a minimum word count of 400 words and a 4-slide summary presentation illustrating all of the following:

Organization and product or service analysis:

Description of your organization
Product needs assessment of the target country
Description of product to meet the need

Note: the company is that You are a US based company that manufactures plastic fittings (PVC) for irrigation systems. Up until this year, your firm has only sold to customers in the United States, but in early 2009, you started receiving inquires about your product line from farmers in Israel.

Thus, your product is plastic (PVC) pipe fittings and your target country is Israel.

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//An outline is a general plan of the content that is to be discussed in a presentation or paper. Here, we have prepared an outline about the prospective business proposal of our organization working in the US. The different topics are presented in a particular order and the relative importance of each of them is different. First, I am giving some information about the existing scenario of international business.//

In the present era of globalization, most of the companies are seeking to expand their business operations at the global level. Globalization is transforming the whole world in a global village. It is helping the organizations to increase their market coverage. But, a few factors should be taken into ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 544 words.