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    Operation Management - Organizations

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    I have to choose an organization, and answer the following questions
    A. How does your organization determine customer requirements?
    B. How are your organization's core competencies tied to its strategic goals?
    C. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the quality function deployment approach?
    D. What is your organization's process for developing the specifications for a new product or service?
    E. How does your organization deal with requests for customized products or services?
    F. What are the implications of building quality into a product or service rather than inspecting it in? Why?
    G. What type of quality problem or analysis tool does your organization use?

    I have to write between 800 and 1000 words!
    Thank you.

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    The organization that I have chosen is a health club organization known as the Hall of Fitness, which provides a variety of different products and services to a wide variety of clients. This organization determines customer requirements by first analyzing the fitness market in its area of operations, and ascertaining the percentage of individuals that are acquiring certain kinds of health club services, such as resistance training and or personal training services. Statistically, analyzing the customers and potential customers within the area of operations in this manner is usually conducted by telephone surveys that are conducted on a biannual basis. In this manner, the requirement wants and needs of the customers within that area are ascertained in a highly efficient and effective manner. These questionnaires contain questions regarding the types of facilities that these individuals will be interested in, the types of training apparatus that they desire, the supplements that they have a desire to purchase at these facilities, the desired hours of operation for these facilities, etc. This information is analyzed by the leadership of this organization in order to make a determination as to what services they should focus on providing to clients and or potential clients.

    This organization's core competencies are tied to his ...