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    Quality management implemented at United States Postal Service

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    Select a well-known company and a product or service that is produced by that company (be sure to avoid products that are simply purchased by the company and sold to the company's customers, which is often the case at many retail stores).
    • Provide a brief description of the company that you have selected and the product or service that you are analyzing.
    • Discuss what quality means for this product.
    • Perform a SWOT analysis of the organization.
    • Select a method for focusing the organization's attention on quality.
    • Explain what elements of a quality culture are lacking (and needed) by the organization.
    • Identify who the customers of the organization are (remember to consider whether there could be internal customers in addition to external customers, although this will not be the case with every organization).
    • Recommend a method of implementing changes that are needed based on the needs of the customer.
    • Recommend potential strategic alliances that can improve quality for the organization.
    Support your responses with examples.
    Cite any sources.

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    This solution examines how quality management initiatives were implemented at the United States Postal Service.