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    I need help developing an E-Business Plan for the United States Postal Service which includes the executive summary, conclusions, and recommendations as the 6th part of my attached. Although the executive summary is written already in my attached paper, it must be placed first in this E-Business Plan.

    I also need help developing a PowerPoint slide based off the attached paper that entail speaker notes that outline the key points of the attached E-Business Plan.

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    E-Business Plan for the United States Postal Service (USPS)
    Quidina Edwards
    University of Phoenix

    Executive Summary
    Due to the competitive nature within the industry it competes, the U.S. Postal Service is face with many challenges. One of the major challenges is in streamlining operations to reduce
    costs and increase revenues. There are several different approaches that can be effective in USPS achieving its goal. Improving productivity among employees is one way to reduce costs
    associated with labor. Increasing productivity requires taking measures such as evaluating job
    descriptions and finding ways to improve how each employee performs his or her specific role. Making the workplace more ergonomic, matching specific tasks to abilities and skill sets of employees, and ongoing training are some methods for improving productivity.
    Improving consumer satisfaction is another way to increase revenues for the organization.
    To accomplish this goal USPS must considers methods and processes that deliver products and
    services to consumers in a timely and convenient manner. One method the organization has begun to rely on increasingly is the offering of online sales and services for consumers and businesses. Though online sales and service can reduce costs of operations plenty of organizational resources are required. In addition, the organization must make important decisions regarding the types of products and services that can be sustained through an online
    Technological advances may be viewed as a threat to USPS. However, they can be
    viewed as an asset, as a means to reduce operational costs, costs of labor, and to become a more
    eco-friendly organization at the same time. USPS already offers the purchase of postage and package tracking as some of its most widely utilized online services. Purchase of products such
    as mailers and packaging materials can be cost effective for consumers as well. Less fuel is used
    to send important documents or packages. USPS must consider developing more online services
    and products and should approach marketing of such development from an environmental approach. Such an approach is more likely to gain approval of consumers. This is particularly
    true where eco-friendly options such as purchasing postage and packaging materials online
    is also more convenient for the individual, and particularly for the business consumer.

    The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an independent agency of the United States government responsible to provide postal services around the country. It is also known as Post Office and U.S. Mail agency as well. Established on July 26, 1775, and headquartered at Washington, D.C. The postal service in America has changed and grown after the appointment of Benjamin Franklin as the first postmaster general in 1775. After his appointment, new technologies started to implement in USPS to produce better postal services for growing population (USPS, 2012). There are few government agencies in United States clearly affiliated by the United States Constitution and USPS is one from them.
    USPS provides full-time employment to 571,566 people who make it the second largest civilian employer after Wal-Mart Stores (WMT). In the growth of US economy, this huge employment number played an important role. It employs huge numbers of people who facilitates contributions in economic growth (Stein, 2011). 31,871 post offices allow more outlets in comparison to other companies such as Starbucks, Wal-Mart, etc. Providing huge avenues of employment to people plays an important role in the US economy. Averages of 563 million pieces of mail are delivered by USPS in a week that begs to provide better and effective postal services to the US population (Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine, 2011). For providing effective services, USPS individually owns 260,000 vehicles, making it largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world. The USPS is faced with intense competition from various private outlets such as United Parcel Service (UPS), DHL, and FedEx. Internet and e-mail also gives severe competition to USPS.
    USPS Goals
    The goals of USPS are to achieve its ultimate vision greatly. The vision of USPS is to ensure a vital Postal Service for future generations and the next five years goals are based on this commitment. The goal of USPS is to provide greater strength to its core operations and services for creating a balance between the cost and improvement (USPS, 2012). USPS's revenue at last year was $67 billion that was very low in comparison to expenses that forced it to reduce the cost of core operations accordingly (Bloomberg BusinessWeek Magazine, 2011). Following goals are set to achieve in next five years: Customer goals: The customer is at the center of USPS future goals. The main goal of this company is to provide greater satisfaction to consumers by focusing over each market and targeted customer segment.
    Employee goals: As the one of largest employer in US, the other goal of USPS is to leverage its strength from employees in next five years. To improve employees' and organizational effectiveness is the other goal of USPS (USPS, 2008). From this, it will try to cut cost that it is paid to their employees every year by improving their efficiency at workplace.
    Business goals: The main business goal is to improve financial performance and to ensure commercial viability by responding emerging customer needs in the evolving business environment. For this, plans are to provide improved products and services to reduce cost, rework, and cycle time through re-engineering, etc. within next five years (USPS).
    Environment Sustainability goals: USPS goal is to reduce 20% scope of greenhouse gas emissions by FY 2020. The other goal is to reduce use of energy and petroleum fuel by 30 and 20% respectively until FY 2015 (USPS, 2010).
    Services of USPS
    USPS engages to offer wide and innovative ranges of postal services. The services of USPS broadly divides into five main categories such as shipping of packages, sending, and managing mails, online purchasing of stamps as well as advertising with mail, etc. Although there are a number of post offices over the United States, this company engages to offer its wide products and services through its website. The website is not only contains all ranges of products and services but also a floor from where consumers can obtain services effectively. Customized stamps are also provided by USPS (USPS, 2012). It offers carrier pickup services as well on instant consumers' demand in which, it picks packages, and carries it for desired destination.
    Summary of USPS Goals and Services
    Goals reflect through the servicing way offered by USPS to its consumers. USPS is engaged to include technology within their services, so that the mail services are managed as the need of consumers. Through the innovations, this company manages the mails in such ways that provides consumers' accurate, consistence, affordable services with the consideration of time (USPS, 2012). This way of USPS servicing is quite effective to improve level of consumer satisfaction and the business performance as well.
    The service delivery system is also quite flexible from the perspective of employees. The use of electronic devices such as computer, phones, etc. for shipping and mailing purposes helps employees to perform their task timey with full efficiency. This develops greater satisfaction among them that help to create greater job engagement (USPS, 2012). The more engagement of employees is helpful to offer greater satisfactory services to the customers who eventually contribute in the growth of USPS accordingly (Evans, ...

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