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    Key elements on conducting business presentations

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    Wordplay Greeting Cards has retained your firm for one last project. Specifically, they would like you to create the materials and presentation for the results of your research (the research you summarized in the Unit 5 Individual Project) and present this to four separate groups as follows:

    *Corporate Office
    *Region Offices (4 across country) - to Region staff
    *Store Managers - Store Managers and Assistants
    *Store Employees

    Pick one of these groups and discuss how you would present these results. You should address the following questions:

    *How would you convey the material?
    *What types of handouts would you use?
    *Would it be a PowerPoint presentation or just an e-mail?
    *If a PowerPoint presentation, describe how you would create it for this group (keeping in mind that presentations change based on your audience.)
    *Would you use a newsletter or present these results in person?
    *Other issues as relevant?

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    I will pick the corporate office. Keep in mind that people in the corporate office are professionals with degrees and high paying jobs. They have MBAs, and are executives who are expecting an in depth presentation explaining all of the material.

    *How would you convey the material?

    The information needs to be conveyed clearly, in-depth, with a lot of figures and facts, explanations and key findings. The info should be both in the form of data with graphs, charts and figures. In addition, there should be ...

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    This posting looks at several key elements on business ppresentations, such as how to convey materials, and in what form the presentation should be done.