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MONITORS: Marketing Operations And Integration of E-business

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The company's products [MONITORS] have been sold through retail outlets. E-business has really blossomed and some of your competitors have begun selling their products on the Internet. Senior management wants you to assemble a presentation to evaluate the current marketing operations and how the internet might be adapted to your current marketing operations.

As was discussed in the prior Discussion Board "The Vice President of Marketing has asked you to recommend changes in marketing strategies that will be necessary if the company converts into an e-business."

Your presentation should address current marketing operations and the integration of e-business into the company's marketing plans and current operations. Be innovative in your recommendations and base your recommendations on research.

For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the Microsoft Office Applications Lab. The task is 6-10 slides (not including the title, introduction, and reference slides) with speaker 200-250 words for each.

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This solution discusses integration of e-business into a company's marketing operations.

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