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Corporate Expansion Strategy

A technology-dependent enterprise supply chain management is central to achieving Airbus' organizational strategy and the ability to complete in the global market. Compare and contrast the value of using supply chain management to optimize operations from the perspectives of Airbus and its suppliers. What issues may accrue from employing this strategy?


What is the integration of various functional areas involved in TCL's international expansion strategy? How important are these areas in achieving the organization's vision and mission? How do these functions enable the organization's core capabilities?

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A technology dependent enterprise supply chain management is important for achieving Airbus' strategy and the ability of compete globally. Consider this: the Airbus/EADS Sourcing is a domain that allows buyers and suppliers to exchange online requirements and proposals, the Sup@irWorld BuySide enables the company to order general procurement goods and services, eSupplyChain covers the entire Airbus supply chain, Superior World gives Airbus details of all suppliers and their products, and Supplier Portal gives suppliers access to sourcing and supply chain tools.

The value to the management to optimize its operations is that it can get the part or raw material it wants on time. Airbus management also uses this system to get the supplies of the right quality, at the right price. Airbus gets shorter lead-times, improved planning, and forecasting capabilities. It leads to cost savings and efficiency optimization.

From the perspective of the suppliers, they get a ready customer for their products. The technology enables them to plan their production and get a good price for their products. The collaboration with Airbus also allows the suppliers to set standards of production. They know exactly what ...

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