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    Re-Marketing a Wholesale Business

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    We will be looking to re-market GGI wholesale business so we can really turn the business around and also bring new life and growth to our company. Please discuss what the goals are for this marketing project and how we are going to apply the different essential marketing concepts. We will also be addressing how this new marketing concept will affect the other departments at GGI and also why they will be affected. Finally, we will be discussing whether or not we will be marketing only to current customers or new and potential customers and why we are targeting these customers.

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    Direct Marketing
    Forms of Direct Marketing
    Departments Affected
    Customer Relationship Marketing

    In this briefing we will be discussing what we are trying to ...

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    The following solution describes how we are going to re-market GGI wholesale business in a 13-slide powerpoint presentation. The concepts or direct marketing and customer relationship marketing are covered.