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    Service organization marketing plan vs. a physical product

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    What is the difference between marketing a physical product (such as an automobile) and a service such as a bank? If you were developing a marketing plan for a service organization, what would be some of the considerations you would incorporate into the plan? Please cite as least two differences.

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    Marketing can be defined as a process of management or the activity of management in which they identify the customers and provide them the various services and products according to the demand, needs and satisfaction level of the customers (Kotler, 2002). Marketing of the product and marketing of the services are entirely different from each other.
    Difference between Product Marketing and Service Marketing
    The products are tangible goods and in the marketing of product, the consumer can feel and touch the goods so it is easy for the organization to do effective marketing of products (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). Some organizations provide the services, which are intangible goods to the customers cannot feel it. The customers can evaluate the effectiveness ...

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    The solution examines service organization marketing plan versus a physical product. The difference between the two marketing plans are determined.