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Marketing Plan for a New Product

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Create a new product or service for an existing organization. This product or service will be the basis for your marketing plan. (Existing organization is Amazon.com and new product or service is a brick and mortar store for Amazon).


- A SWOTT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends) analysis on the new product or service.

- The marketing research approach you would use to develop the marketing strategy and tactics for this new product or service.

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1) Extremely strong brand reputation and visibility of Amazon which can be leveraged in this new foray into brick and mortar stores.

2) Strong vendor network that allows the company to procure a wide range of products at competitive pricing.

3) Strong management capability to operate in an efficient manner.


1) No previous experience in the brick and mortar area. Management's expertise is limited to running an online store.

2) Brick and mortar store establishment and operations will put a huge pressure on cash flow as it requires much more capital ...

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Promote the new line and plan for market expansion

You have been hired as the new marketing manager for its popcorn time, a purveyor of flavored popcorns and other gourmet treats. Growth has been rapid and the owners feel it is time to expand their markets and seek new opportunities.
IPT currently sells the following products:

--flavored popcorn-in addition to common flavors such as butter, cheese and caramel, they have patented a process for getting both thicker(chocolate) and finer(confectioners sugar) coatings to stick to the popcorn without damaging it
---snack sized pretzels, also coated with sweet and savory flavors
---cookies- has subcontracted with a local bakery to produce a variety of cookies

IPT is based in Havertown, PA and has several storefronts in and around Philly. They sell the products at the storefront locations and take phone orders for delivery in the area. They also sell their product in bulk to local gift basket producers and caterers.

IPT is considering signing a contract with an Amish food manufacturer to supply typical "PA Dutch" treats such as shoofly pie, horehound candy, and various jams and jellies. Note: there is a substantial Amish community is nearby Lancaster, PA, who are commonly referred to as PA Dutch. IPT still considers itself a local, PA and feels that the addition of PA Dutch products will garner more local customers

On the other hand, IPT's owner, Kiana Peterson, has been thinking of expanding the retail business to the regional level. She would like to test-market first in the tri-state area (PA, NJ, and DE) and possibly expand north and south into NY and DC metro.

In the past, IPT, relied on managers to run the stores and outside salespeople to develop relationships with resellers of its products. Now, Kiana knows it's time to hire a full-time marketing person to promote the new line and plan for market expansion. Your challenges are as follows:

-determine IPTS current state of affairs
-identify a target market
-identify marketing opportunities
-determine the marketing plan, including elements such as pricing and promotion

PROBLEM: situation analysis
-target markets (demographics, needs, trends, etc)
-critical analysis considered (swot, competitive etc)
-product(s) defined (features, benefits, etc)
-anything else you believe to be important

Define the scope of the marketing plan.

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