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A marketing plan for a new product

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Please help with a discussion of the Situational Analysis (past history of the product/company) and the Market Analysis (market demographics, trends, and growth), a SWOT Analysis, and the analysis of competition, the Product/Service Offer and the Marketing Research that has been developed, the Marketing Strategy (Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning) and the Marketing Mix Strategies. Several pages of text detailing the marketing plan for the business based on information from above.

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The answer to this problem explains a marketing plan for a new product. References related to the answer are also included.

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Based on my product,
(which is a portable hard-drive for Apple. My product will have wireless capability, various screen sizes, and memory capacities. Music, movies can be downloaded from iTunes whether indoors or on-the-go, comes with a battery pack and AC adapter, and can be attached to an auxiliary channel in a vehicle)

a) Describe the attributes or service of my product in detail;
b) Describe the pace at which your product will move through the product life cycle;
c) factors that will impact the movement or;
d) how will the product life cycle impact the marketing of my product;
e) Identify the positioning and differentiation strategies for my product and;
f) Identify the appropriate price strategy that should be used for my product.

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