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A marketing plan for a new product

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Please help with a discussion of the Situational Analysis (past history of the product/company) and the Market Analysis (market demographics, trends, and growth), a SWOT Analysis, and the analysis of competition, the Product/Service Offer and the Marketing Research that has been developed, the Marketing Strategy (Segmentation, Target Market, Positioning) and the Marketing Mix Strategies. Several pages of text detailing the marketing plan for the business based on information from above.

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The answer to this problem explains a marketing plan for a new product. References related to the answer are also included.

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Marketing Plan for Fish and Seafood in Australia

For this project, choose a product that is currently available in the country you live in and you want to market in another country. Using the cybrary, the Internet and your text you will need to develop a portion of the strategic marketing plan that includes the following:

Briefly explain the country in which you have chosen to market the product and why you selected that country. I chose Australia.

The product I selected is fish and seafood. The types of fish and seafood that I will sell to Austrian markets are more expensive types of fish and seafood such as shrimp, lobster, yellow fin tuna, scallops and swordfish. My research indicated that fish and seafood are growing in demand in Austria for the following reasons: 1) consumers are more health conscience and fish is considered a healthier meat alternative, 2) consumers in Australia have increasingly more money to spend and 3) Austrian restaurants have been offering more seafood on their menus resulting in Austrians wanting to cook fish/seafood at home. Australia is landlocked country that doesn't have its own fish and seafood. The consumption of fish and seafood is growing.

A marketing mix and a competitive advantage for the product.

A pricing strategy, a price, and a rationale explaining the price of each of your products. Remember to consider turnover, competition, and elasticity of demand in your strategy.

A media strategy for marketing the product including an image and position to be developed, types of promotion to be used, and media to be used. Remember to specify the advantages of the chosen media, frequency, and continuity to be used.

For questions 2,3 and 4, explain how these will be similar or different from the current strategies that are being used in your home country and why there are similarities or differences.

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