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    Matrix: Service & Product

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    Resources: Ch. 3, 6, & 7
    Writing Tense: First Person (I or We)
    Writing Style: Critical (Review, Explain, and Provide Opinion)
    Substantively answer the following:
    1. Complete the Design Matrix (See Template Under "Student Materials")
    • Identify one "Service-Based Operation" and one "Product-Based Operation."
    • Identify the relationships between the "Operational Structures" and the "Design Aspects" for each category in the Design Matrix.
    2. Construct an Executive Summary between 500 and 800 words answering the following questions.
    Note: The Executive Summary must align with the points identified within the "Design Matrix" to earn points for the assignment.
    Use the operational structures below as a guide to answer the following questions.
    • Product vs. Service Design (Ch. 3 & 7)
    • Product vs. Service Development (Ch. 3 & 7)
    • Product vs. Service Organization (Ch. 6)
    • Product vs. Service Variability (Ch. 3 & 7)
    • Product vs. Service Quality (Ch. 3 & 7
    Question 1: What is your rationale for choosing the service and product-based operations?
    Question 2: What is your perspective on the similarities or dissimilarities between the service and product-based processes as they relate to the process design aspects identified in the Design Matrix?
    Question 3: What is your perspective on the level of customer, and or, employee interaction between the service and product-based operational processes?
    Question 4: What is your perspective on applying the service and product-based operational design aspects within your work environment?
    Assignment Quality Requirements
    • Includes an active attempt to present the information in a clear, and concise manner
    • Includes one or more supporting citations for each discussion point. The primary supporting citation must be from the course text, and or, course support documents.
    • Includes external support citations from a minimum of two peer-reviewed journal articles less than 5-years old. The supporting article references satisfy the writing requirements for conducting research beyond the course material.
    (Basic definitions and concepts not cited from the course text and support materials will result in points deducted from the overall assignment score.)
    • Formatted based on the standard APA citation rules
    • Submitted through the Plagiarism Checker/Grammarly Tools and demonstrate a reasonable attempt to correct quality issues
    • Reviewed and adjusted per writing requirements in the course Instructor Policies

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    Step 1
    Q1. The rationale for choosing the service operation of a Public Auditing firm is that I am familiar with one such organization. The PCA firm provides auditing services to several public firms. Auditing is a service being provided (a). The operations such as inquiring of management and others to get an understanding of the organization, understanding and assessing internal control, performing analytical procedures, testing documentation, inventory count, and confirming accounts are services being provided by an auditing firm. The rationale for choosing the manufacturing of CNC lathes is that it is a production based organization. The output of the process is CNC lathes. The design of the operations is important to satisfy the goals of the organization. The production and exporting of CNC lathes satisfies all the requirements of a production operation. The designing of lathes, the receiving of raw materials, the casting/forging/machining of parts, assembling and finishing, adding electronic controls and testing of lathes is a typical product based operation.

    Step 2
    Q 2 There is strong dissimilarities between the service and product based processes. In case of auditing, full compliance with the law is most important (b). The provision of auditing services is closely controlled by the law and in case of public audit firms by the PCAOB. The design approach in case of manufacturing of lathes ...

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