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    Persuasion Matrix

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    I need assistance with understanding a Persuation Matrix for study purposes.

    Please include a diagram of the Persuation Matrix in Excel.
    Then provide me an example of a tv commercial or print ad and explain how you use the matrix to evaulate how it might influence consumers' response processes. Please be sure to let me know what tV commercial or print ad you are using by providing a link or picture of the print ad. Thanks.

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    The main purpose of marketing is to persuading potential customers to purchase your product. Advertising can be in the form of:

    -informing--such as informing a customer the price has decreased, or describing available products or services.
    -reminders--this includes reminding the customer that the product or service may soon be needed, reminding customers where the product can be purchased, or reminding the customer of the brand during the off-season.
    -persuasion--such as building brand preference, encouraging a customer to switch to a different brand, changing customer perceptions about a brand, persuading customers to purchase now, persuading customers to tell others about the brand, or persuading customers to receive a sales call.

    The persuasion matrix focuses mainly on the persuasion aspect of advertising. As competition increases, this form of advertising becomes more important. During persuasion advertising, the company's goal is to build demand for their brand. The persuasion matrix consists of inputs and outputs. The persuasion matrix model is based on the idea that in order to persuade a customer, the marketer needs to complete several steps. These steps are the input variables.

    The five inputs of the persuasion matrix are:

    1) Source--the credibility, attraction, and trustworthiness of the advertisement. Some marketers use celebrities to increase the attractiveness of the product or service offered.
    2) ...

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