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Elements of persuasion

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What are the elements of persuasion? What forms of persuasion and group influence principles are harnessed by new religious movements?

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1. What are the elements of persuasion?

Persuasion occurs when a person causes someone else to change. The change may either be to their inner mental systems or to their external behavior. Inner systems include values, attitude, beliefs, schema, goals. The change may creation of something new, or extinguishing or modifying something that already exists. Persuasion is a deliberate attempt to influence the attitudes or behavior of another person. Lhttp://


? Channel: situation or medium through which the communication is presented...
either in person or through mass media (print, TV, internet).
? Message: the content, style, and organization of the communication.
For example, if opposite views are presented, the one presented last will be more persuasive.
? Audience: the person or persons to whom the communication is addressed. For example, if they initially agree with you, present just your position. If they initially disagree, ...

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Discusses the elements of persuasion and the forms of persuasion and group influence principles that are harnessed by new religious movements. References and a supporting testimony is also provided.

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What are the elements of persuasion?

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