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Elements of Persuasion

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The four elements essential to persuasion are: (1) the source (2) the message (3) the channel (4) the receiver

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Persuasion consists of the following components: Intent, Coercion Context and Presence.

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Persuasion consists of the following components: Intent in which interpersonal interactions causes a change in both parties. Coercion which is a way of gaining compliance, causing a change in behavior but not a change in internal commitment or inner mental systems; context is the environment or state of being in which the persuasion takes place; plurality is the ability to persuade one or more persons, or oneself; presence is being in communication with a person; media is the type of communication that is used to persuade. Four basic elements have consistently emerged as a vital part of nearly every theory of persuasion. These elements apply to just about every other form of persuasion encountered in modern life. The four elements essential to persuasion are: (1) the source--to be effective, the source must be both credible and appealing; (2) the message- the impact of the message depends in ...

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