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    Appropriate Hospitality Structure

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    Looking to the future, choose the best organization structure for a theme park, a 50-room resort, a mid-priced Italian restaurant, an economy 100-room hotel, and a 3000-room casino hotel. Explain why the chosen structure is the most appropriate for each of those hospitality operations.

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    In designing the best organization structure, the decision is on product or service and size of an organization to sufficiently reach the goals. The common types of organizational structure entails several categories, in which, the most frequent use of functional, matrix, and divisional type structures outlines systematically way in managing business objectives. In the case example, the organization structure for the following aspects should be considered;

    Theme park - Consider the functional structure with several management teams designated to certain areas of focuses, in which, ...

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    This solution provides a review and suggestions into creating an appropriate organization structure within a hospitality framework for the theme park, resort, restaurant, hotel, and casino hotel.