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Marketing Services vs Marketing Products

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How is the marketing of services different than the marketing of a product? What are the challenges of marketing a service?

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Marketing of Services is different than marketing of a physical good in terms of the following characteristics of Services:

1. Intangibility of Services - Services cannot be seen, touched or smelled and therefore they are intangible. For example, Consulting Services can neither be seen nor touched nor smelled and therefore, it becomes difficult for the consumer to visualize it, it can only be experienced and evaluation or examination is possible only after the services have been delivered or experienced whereas in marketing of a physical good, there must be some physical properties such as the smell and taste such as a burger, length, breadth, physical strength of the product such as steel and cars and these physical products can be examined before purchasing them.

2. Heterogeneity of Services - Services can lead to different types of experiences at different times. A hotel manager may treat you in a very dignified manner when his/her mood is good or when the hotel rooms may have more capacity as compared to the demand whereas during peak seasons when demand is far greater than supply or when the manager is in a bad mood may provide worse of the services to the consumer. Although the physical product has to be of standard quality with similarity in the units of goods produced, for example, the quality of all Ford Mustang cars of same models and ...

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The solution describes the differences between a product and a service and how services characteristics such as intangibility, homogeneity, inseparability and perishability distinguish a service. The solution also explains the major challenges faced by a company in marketing of services. This solution is 864 words with three references.

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