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Marketing Products Vs. Services

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1. Chose a well-known service company and compare how it markets its services as opposed to if it were selling tangible products. Please use a good example of a service company vs. a products company.

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In marketing either a product or service, marketers of various companies need to remember that the best advertiser is the customer and their experiences in using them. It is already a human nature that people try and test products and services to validate their effectiveness. However, products and services differ in the way they are marketed to the consumers.
Products are tangible and can be touched, seen, felt or experienced. An example of this are smartphones and the apps or software programs that customers use. Most of these users just try and test without even reading and learning how the various keys and parts are used. Only when they couldn't figure out the problem will they go find the topic in the manual. They try and experiment repeatedly and eventually learn the process. They trust the product especially if it has been marketed and reviewed by people who ...

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