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Papal Infallibility

Describe the Catholic teaching on "Papal Infallibility." Do you agree/disagree with this doctrine?

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To do justice to this question, we should outline the historical background of Papal Infallibility, its main content, and perhaps its biblical connotation(s).

What is Catholic Papal Infallibility?
Let's begin with a brief historical background. Papal infallibility is not a doctrine established recently. It has a long history, but catholic theologians and other experts maintain that it was not defined dogmatically until the first Vatican Council of 1870. Papal infallibility owes its roots not to the philosophies and ideologies of any social movement; it seems to have some ecclesiological and Scriptural underpinnings. The underlying assumptions here are that: Jesus Christ envisioned His Church as visible and perfect society. That this church is believed to be universal and absolute and authoritative ...