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Windows v. Jordan Panel Systems

Brief the Windows, Inc. v. Jordan Panel Systems Corp. case.

Then, in a separate paragraph discuss whether or not you agree with the courts decision. Why? Why not?

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Case briefs can be completed according to the IRAC method. The acronym stands for: Issue, Relevant law, Application to facts, and Conclusion.

Issue: The IRAC method begins by stating the issue or question the case answers. It is important here to state exactly what the question of law is.

Rule or Relevant Law: This is a statement of the rules or laws relevant to the issue being decided. This can include court case precedent, statute, and legislation. Depending on how specific the issue at hand is, the rules section will vary as to the jurisdiction and the rules that it should follow. Basically, the rules section is a summary of the legal rules used in the court's analysis.

Application to facts / Analysis: This section applies the rules ...

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Explains the Windows v. Jordan Panel Systems case and uses the IRAC method.