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    Introduction to Operating System Interfaces

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    Investigate the net for information about some of the new features offered by Vista over previous operating systems or operating systems on other computing environments. What makes Vista a better (or worse) choice for home or office computing?

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    New Non Technical features
    1) Windows Aero-User interface
    2) Revamped windows explorer
    3) Organizing of files-Windows explorer allows integrated desktop searching, also users can organize their files into stacks, where files can be grouped by a criteria set up by the user. Metadata may also be used and users may even define their own metadata. Metadata is defined as data about data. So for example metadata for files might include the author, the title etc.
    4) Default program-In Vista, the default program for a given file type can be set on a per user basis. Previous Windows versions stored the default program for a given file type in the registry. Thus the default program was on a per machine basis. So for example if you use Microsoft media player to play cds and I use your computer and play one with quicktime, the next time you use your pc you might find that the default cd playing application had been changed to quicktime. In Vista, an API is used and default programs can be set up on a per user basis.
    5) Windows flip and Flip 3D-When using Alt/Tab, a preview of the window will appear, not just the program icon. Also, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through a stack of open windows. Finally 3d will allow users to stack open applications and scroll through them like turning pages in a book.
    6) Ability to set up non English languages per user, instead of setting it up for the whole machine upon installation.
    7) Search-Faster more integrated searching. Windows search, now called Instant Search, will work with more than just files and will also bring up applications dealing with a specific word. For example if you type firewall it will bring up applications related to the firewall. Search is also ...

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