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Interface in GUI Based Applications

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What is an interface? What role do interfaces play in GUI-based applications?

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What is an interface? What role do interfaces play in GUI-based applications?

Let's discuss what an interface is and we will then get into the role they play in GUI applications.

User Interface - In the world of information technology, the user interface is an information device designed to interact with a human being. The human using the machine interacts at the user interface by operating and controlling the machine. The machine then gives feedback to the user in the form of an output allowing the system to indicate the effects of the users' operational decisions. The user interface can include hardware and software components. These may include mouse, keyboard, screen, desktop appearance, and illuminated characters. Additionally, the response time, the aesthetic appearance of the device and the content presented to the user, all fall within the scope of a user ...

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The solution describes what a user interface is and describes the role that they play in GUI based applications.

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