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    The Department of Defense: Enlisting Open Source Applications

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    Please read the attached file and complete the following:
    1. Summarize the case from the perspective of a company looking to do business with the DoD and their ability to use open source interfaces.

    2. Analyze the use of open source software and compare and contrast it with platforms such as Windows and/or Apple's OS's. Why would a company select open source over a paid and supported system?

    3. Is the government more or less at-risk by using open sourced platforms than proprietary systems? Explain your answer and support it with scholarly sources.

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    1 From the perspective of a company looking to do business with the DoD and their ability to use open source interfaces, the new approach is acceptable. Several companies are using open-source software for their computing needs. When we use the open source software, we will have the ability to use, study, reuse, modify, enhance, and redistribute the code for the users of software. Even our company IT engineers will examine the interface and if required will help eliminate defects.

    Furthermore, if there are any modifications required for better interface with use, the required modification will be made by our staff. Overall, the interaction with the Department of Defense will be better with open source code because it will help eliminate defects in the software. The software will be more robust. After the issue of version two of SoftwareForge, there is additional software version control, bug tracking, requirements management, and release packaging for software developers. From the point of view of an outside company, the CMIS will improve and speed up the performance of the government department (1). There are 50 Web applications, such as workforce management, automated workflow, learning ...

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