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Compare and contrast Unix/Linux and Windows

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Compare and contrast Unix/Linux and Windows operating system in terms of:

Market share

Programming capabilities

Availability of application software

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In terms of market share, Windows is the most dominant OS in the market, holding 87.75% of the market share in the battle of the operating systems on the month of May according to http://www.geek.com/articles/news/windows-and-linux-lose-market-share-os-x-iphone-and-android-move-up-2009062/. While Linux holds a very small market share, it has been a famous alternate for Windows and Mac OSX. The major reasons why Windows dominates the market is due to the user-friendliness of it, the multitasking features it offers, and the large amount of software applications compatible with it. For ordinary computer users, the ease of use is a major consideration for them and Microsoft has addressed that issue by providing easy shortcuts to utilities and folders and by the introduction of the window-based system. The window-based system has also addressed the multitasking issue which allows users to use different programs simultaneously and shift from one program to another because each executed program is windowed. Those issues before were the roadblocks to the success of Linux. But as of today, many Linux-based OS, like Red Hat Fedora and Ubuntu, have made the interface user-friendly by adopting a Windows-style environment. With these developments, Linux may start to compete with the OS giants like Windows and MAC OSX in the OS market. The birth of Windows 3.0 on 1990 competed against the Macintosh-based computers with its own operating system. With the continued improvements and innovative features of Windows OS, Microsoft Corporation has dominated the ...

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