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Comparison of Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX and MAC

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Discuss 3 operating systems that can be used in health care delivery. Your discussion should include descriptions of at least 3 operating systems such as, but not limited to, the following:

What benefits does one provide over the other? What pitfalls must the professional be aware of?

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This solution compares the benefits of three operating systems, namely, Windows, UNIX and MAC. The comparison is done in the perspective of health care delivery, and the comparative analysis also includes the pitfalls that a professional must be aware of. 672 words with 3 references.

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While there are several operating systems that are available, in the context of health care information systems, the three most commonly used operating systems are:
a) Windows
b) Unix and Linux
c) Macintosh

Operating systems control operations such as logging on, file management, and network connectivity (Palmer & Walters, 2007). By far the most prolific operating system is Microsoft Windows in various versions (Burt, 2006). Windows is also the operating system used by some non-traditional computing devices such as hand-held PDAs and cell phones. Windows 7 is the latest version that is assuming growing popularity. UNIX and Linux are often associated with large networks that require less application overhead and faster processing. Linux open-source software is becoming the operating system of choice for organizations looking to save money (Palmer & Walters, 2007). Businesses and governments across the globe are adopting the Linux platform as a way to reduce IT spending and license costs.

Many companies do not wish to be locked into only using Microsoft ...

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