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3 operating systems list below that can be used in health care delivery

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Give the description of 3 operating systems list below that can be used in health care delivery.

Mac OS

What are their advantage and disadvantage ?
what benefits does one provide over the other?
what are the pitfalls that a professional must be aware of?

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Health Care Information Systems are thoroughly explored and validated with sources in this tutorial.

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Health Care Information Systems:

As a result of the changes which have already taken place and the changes which are expected to take place in the future days to come, the healthcare has continued to see the need for making use of information systems to enhance the way they provide healthcare to in the industry. Information systems used by organizations have the capability of supporting the process of making decisions hence promoting an organizations efficiency level, improving the quality of services offered, and enhancing productivity (D'Souza & Sequeira, 2011).

Information systems especially within the healthcare industry are considered as an important tool for operation since it impacts an organizations strategic direction, integrating corporate planning with information system function, and improving on the information outputs quality. How effective or ineffective an information system is can be evaluated depending on the results it contributes to the top management (D'Souza & Sequeira, 2011).

Operating Systems In Service Delivery:

An operating system is considered as the central point of the operation of information systems. To aid in the health care delivery window, UNIX, and Mac OS are some of the operating systems which may be used. Windows operating system is regarded as the most popular operating system around the globe which is used on personal computers. Windows operating system is available in different versions such as windows XP, ME, 2000, 98, and 95. Windows XP was released back in the year 2001 with an aim of replacing all the other windows versions which were already in ...

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