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    File and Printer Management

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    The Thomsons (Bob, Rita, and their children Mark, Karen, and Louise) all have their own individual computers at home. The problem is, there is only one printer, and it's attached to Bob's computer. Furthermore, everyone is getting tired of having to save files to disks in order for others in the family to access them.

    Do some research on the Cybrary and other Internet sources to come up with a solution for the Thomsons. (Include the website in your response.) Make your suggestions as if you were a home networking solutions consultant. Include details, specs, and price for implementation. Be sure to consider print configuration.

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    The Thomsons need to set up a home network to share printer and files.

    There are some variables to setting up the home network:
    - Selecting the right topology for your needs,
    - Installing the hardware and software,
    - Configuring everything to work well together.

    You may have computers running operating systems other than Windows XP, or you may have a Macintosh® computer?the good news is that your Windows XP network is capable of working with all of them.

    Below you will read on how to set up a new network using a Windows XP computer. First, we'll look at setting up biggest network types (called technologies) and point out some special considerations you'll need to make when choosing one.

    1. http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/getstarted/getsetup.mspx

    Setting up a computer with Windows XP
    Let's look at what it takes to get a network started. The Thomsons already have one computer that's already connected to a printer. It makes sense to start there when you're setting up a new network. If it's running Windows XP, the Network Setup Wizard helps you to do this.

    The Windows XP Network Setup Wizard
    Launch it by opening Control Panel and clicking the icon. The Network Setup Wizard automates some of the tasks involved in setting up a home network. It's especially effective with Ethernet® networks, saving you the trouble ...

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    Suggestions are made for home networking solutions. The suggestions include details, specs, and price for implementation. Print configuration option is considered too.