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    Hospitality Case Study Analysis: Heidi High, Heidi Low

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    *Analyze the situation in the case study: Heidi High, Heidi Low

    *Summarize how management handled the situation and describe better methods of managing the ethical conduct of those employees presented

    *Relate how a professional demeanor and actions would have affected ethical decision-making and customer service.

    *Determine how the actions of the employees and the managers affected the financial position of the company

    *Suggest how a defined set of ethical management practices could have resulted in better financial management.

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    Case Study: Heidi High, Heidi Low

    Management's Handling of Situation

    In the case study of Heidi High, Heidi Low, there is total chaos. Although it doesn't indicate it, it appears that Gabe is a supervisor of some sort. There also seems to be another boss named John but it does not confirm that either. As it says in the case, "everyone was always running around like chickens with their heads cut off." This definitely indicates poor management control. The other characters of this case are Chef Eric who cooks, Ellen at the front desk, and Heidi who must be in marketing since it states she posted the incorrect promotional ad.

    Better Methods of Managing Ethical Conduct

    The entire group needs to be re-trained. They are lax and only care about their personal events that are affecting them from eating to yoga. Here is the analysis of each employee:

    1) Gabe

    He should not have a management position until he is trained in management. He is consumed with himself, eating, and yoga. When a crisis comes up, he has no idea what steps to take. He complains rather than solves, and then panics as he screamed, "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE WE GOING TO DO?!! He also talks about his workers in a very demeaning way which could cause future lawsuits.

    2) Ellen

    She is the front desk clerk and it appears that she does not ready herself ahead of time in reviewing any information on discounts or promotions as she did not know anything about the problem of an incorrect pricing until a customer called telling her. She panicked. Her ...

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